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So tonight Ed and I made the ginger macadamia coconut carrot cake again for Ed’s dads birthday, he was quite the fan of this cake and so we decided to cook it up again. I’m really hoping to make a vegan ‘cheesecake’ in the next few days, because a) I’ve never made one, and b) it was easily my most favourite food pre vegan days. So if we can succeed in making a cheesecake that resembles the real thing, then I’m going to be intensely happy! I think the last few months off uni have been a good thing for me, I have been able to bake a load of things which I normally don’t have time to do, and i was getting pretty sick of making cupcakes, but they are so easy to make. That makes me remember, if you want flawless vegan cupcakes, then you musttttttt buy this book………


It’s cheap enough and has loads of different cupcake recipes. Me, and my besties Carla and Amy have cooked up probably over 1000 of these, not actually kidding, sometimes to raise money for uni, but mainly to sell at our local bookshop/cafe, all profits of these go to animal charities… so yes we don’t eat all of them ourselves.

Infact I liked this book sooooo much that Ed and I made the chocolate cupcakes for our own wedding!



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